Die Siegermannschaft: Deutschland

Germany Repeats Last Year’s Success

The Mercedes Benz Nations Cup in Aachen stayed exciting until the end – and in the end black red gold rejoiced just like last year. Otto Becker’s team was the only team to exit the two rounds without any penalty points. In both rounds Marco Kutscher and 11-year-old Oldenburger gelding Clenur provided the discarded score. In the first round they had 12 penalty points and in the second round four. This could cost Kutscher his nomination for the European Championships since Clenur stood in front of the water pit. However, Marco Kutscher was still happy: “a big complement to my three team colleagues. I could not contribute much today, but that happens sometimes. It is better this way as if everyone had one mistake each.”
The perfect rounds came from Marcus Ehning with Pret a Tout, Aachen debutant Maurice Tebbel and Westphalian gelding Chacco’s son as well as birthday boy Philipp Weishaupt with LB Convall, with whom he had won last year’s Grand Prix in Aachen. National coach Otto Becker said: “We had a mixed team but I had a good feeling all day long. We will enjoy that now” Marcus Ehning also said: “today was great. We’re fewer pairs this year and it is great that we still could repeat last year’s success.” 22-year-old Maurice Tebbel was speechless due to his two clear rounds: “I cannot even realise it yet. It is great to even be allowed to ride here — and then the Nations Cup. Unbelievable.”
Shared second place went to the US and Switzerland with 8 points each. Belgium, who were in first place together with Germany and Switzerland after the first round fell back to rank four. The British had a difficult day: Titus, the horse of their first rider Guy Williams stood on only three legs just before finishing the course. However, the clinic has already announced that it is “only” a pulled tendon.