Ludger Beerbaum & Casello

German Show-Jumpers: Let the Show Begin!

The Vet check of the show-jumping horses is finished and all German horses are fit to compete. Switzerland shortly had to fear for his Olympic Winner of 2012, Steve Guerdat with Nino des Buisonnets, who had to go to the holding box, but in the end he passed the re-inspection. The French gelding is already used to the holding box: “Here the question arises if this issue has to be discussed every time,” so Daniel Deußer. “The horse was never injured and has proven its worth at many championships.” Christian Ahlmann said:”It’s been like that for years. If it always were new people I’d understand it, but it’s almost always the same.”

The German show-jumpers all agree that the show could begin now. The last days were long, even though they didn’t have cabin fever yet, so Marcus Ehning. Tomorrow the warm-up takes place, and then they would know where one stands and what kind of feeling the horse provides the rider with. “The show can begin,” Ludger Beerbaum proclaimed. “Our colleagues already were really good, that’s good for our mood.” Marcus Ehning also said: “We hope to be able to carry on our colleague’s Euphoria.”

The room mates Christian Ahlmann and Daniel Deußer already filled their days with some other activities: “We watched the female hockey players and the male gymnasts,” so  Ahlmann, who currently leads the world ranking. Reserve rider Meredith Michaels-Beerbaum didn’t have time yet to see something besides the equestrian sport. She said that she might fly home ahead of schedule in case she isn’t needed. However: she has a good reason, her daughter Brianne will have her first day at school.

Meanwhile Ludger Beerbaum already tried to guess the favourites. He thinks that the Americans will achieve a top placement, but he also looks out for the Dutch, the British and the Swiss. “There is nobody who’s really outstanding, but the Americans might have a slight advantage,” Beerbaum said. And the individual ranking? “McLain Ward would’t be a surprise, as well as Steve Guerdat. There are more than a dozen who could get medals.” And he himself? “There are more then half a dozen who have better chances than I,” so the experienced rider. The 52-year-old is not concerned by the fact that he is the oldest rider of the team. “I hope that I’m not too old,” the winner of the individual gold medal of the 1992 Olympic Games said. “It’s certainly a consolation” that the British are a bit older.

Daniel Deußer, like most of the athletes who participate at the Olympic Games for the first time – is especially impressed by the Olympic Village. “It’s unbelievable how many different athletes you can see there: short ones, tall ones, big ones, skinny ones…. some runners’ thighs have a diameter of maybe 10 cm. It’s certainly exciting to see their warm up in the morning.” Before the Olympic Games he had followed the discussion about the Olympic Village and also noticed that the Australians didn’t want to move in. “We didn’t have those discussions,” so Deußer said. “Of course we don’t live in luxury, but that’s o.k.”

Daniel Deußer already knew Rio from earlier events in the Global Champions Tour. The 34-year-old is not afraid for his safety. “Of course there are all kinds of areas here and the feeling you get when you’re on the way to the arena is weird. But I already saw some favelas in the past. The people here have a different style of living. They also have a different goal in their life. They dance, they are happy … I was never afraid.”