The Germans capture Malmö – First three-stars ends with a win for Hans Dampf

The eight year old Oldenburg stallion Hans Dampf of Andreas Dibowski is an exceptional talent – he proved that already a few times. But now the Heraldik xx-son won his first three-star-competition – in his first three-star-show ever. And that was in Malmö, where last year the Europeans took place. With a final score of 47,40 Dibowski took away the win from his team mate Peter Thomsen due to a clear round in jumping. Thomsen and Horseware’s Cayenne – both became fith at the Europeans – had one down in the jumping and finished on a score of 49,4. Exactly this result was written on the paper for Andreas Dibwoski, but with FRH Butts Avedon – the became third, because the time in the cross-country was not as good as that of Thomsen.