Jenny Lang & Loverboy

Jenny Lang Wins Freestyle in Dortmund

At the Meggle Prize in Dortmund Jenny Lang showed an impressive freestyle without mistakes – the judges rewarded the likeable pair with 78,175 percent. The freestyle convinced with no mistakes but many highlights and absolute fine-tuning to the music. ” It was a freestyle that took effect as a whole piece of art,” judge Katrina Wüst told after the performance. Second place went to Charlott-Maria Schürmann (GER) with the winner of the Nürnberger Burg-Pokal Burlington FRH by Breitling W (75,275 percent). “She managed to emphasize his advantages,” Wüst explained. ” The galopp was very good with its dead straight flying changes. The traversals also were great. However, Charlott will have to deal with the highest collection again.” Third place in the freestyle went to Uta Gräf (GER) and Dandelion OLD. The pair showed many nice pirouettes, the 13-year-old Oldenburger was always supple. Here, Katrina Wüst would have wished for more difficulties: “the freestyle showed too many long lines.”