102 Frie SDaniel Deusser Cornet D'Amour

Daniel Deußer: “I could try it out for myself”

Also the third German showjumper in the speed competition in Caen – Daniel Deußer with Cornet D’Amour – managed to ride a clear and even fast round (0/78,41). Presently he is on fourth place. “We have benefited from the atmosphere”, the rider said smiling. “Cornet becomes five centimetres bigger in such a stadium.” The German had expected some of the fences to be higher and thinks that the competition now is getting a bit too fast with 150 riders. “But we can be pleased with the course builder”, Deußer stated. “After the rides of Christian and Marcus I had a good feeling and was’nt so much under pressure. I could try it out a bit for myself.” That his colleagues were already sitting in jeans on the tribune, the two times German Champions finds it a bit strange. He joked: “I’m happy that we have started now. Yesterday we even didn’t know what to do anymore. Tomorrow I hope I can start a bit earlier – I should have a talk with Otto about that.”