Clifton Lush Recovered from Injury

An Accident was the reason why Jonathan Paget’s (NZL) 17-year-old horse Clifton Lush could not be competed in Rio. Reserve rider Tim Price and Ringwood Sky Boy had to replace the pair. Apparently the horse injured himself on a water tap, supposedly he ripped it out of the wall. At seven in the morning the horse was found with the tap on the floor and a lot of blood. When the gelding by Half Iced didn’t feel well with a bit in his mouth they decided to replace him.

After the injury Clifton Lush had to be stitched up with 100 stitches. Now, so his rider told Horse & Hound, Lush has recovered and already was back in training for the four-star event in Pau. The stitches have already been removed and the injury has healed well.