Chloe Reid’s Grand Prix Horse Has Died

Last week Chloe Reed attended a competition in Wellington with her 11-year-old Darco son Codarco, but now the Irish sport horse is dead. The rider from the US says on Instagram: ” Dear Cody, The day I first sat on you was the worst trial I have ever had. I was so incredibly nervous and intimidated by your power that I couldn’t find a distance. I will never forget how we trotted into the combination and crashed out through the oxer, yet you continued to keep jumping and safely carry me around. While I’ve had numerous riders tell me over the years that they tried and passed on the opportunity to purchase you, I will feel forever fortunate that you choose me to be your rider. Even though you could have had way more success with any of the more experienced riders, I was the lucky one who got to take you home. Thank you for being my partner of a lifetime. You are leaving so many people heartbroken and one little girl who will never forget you. “
Cordaco came to Chloe Reid in 2015 and together they achieved great successes. Recently they were placed seventh at the World Cup of Helsinki, last year they finished the CSIO 5* Grand Prix in Falsterbo in fifth place and the Grand Prix of the CSI$* in Samorin in sixth place. They also were placed second in the Nations Cup in Wellington. The rider asked to refrain from questions why Cody had to go so early in his life.