Michael Jung & fischerTakinou

CHIO Aachen: Michael Jung in the Lead after Strange Show-Jumping Performance

The show jumping part of the eventing competition at the CHIO Aachen completely changed the ranking from after the dressage part, even though everybody agreed that the course was built at the lower limit. Placed fourth after dressage, Michael Jung (GER)¬†and fischerTakinou, his first choice for the Olympic Games, now are in the lead. Jung also didn’t make any mistakes with La Biosthethique Sam FBW but he risked three time errors. His father and coach Joachim Jung said that they didn’t plan it like that but that Michael had his own system that he didn’t want to change and that he took the middle road between his performances in Wiesbaden and Strzgom.
After the dressage part Michael Jung was still angry with the judges: “For me the judgements become increasingly worse and less transparent. It’s no fun, it’s not worth the effort.” The judges came under criticism from various quarters. German national coach Hans Melzer stayed calm: “It’s like football – the judges’ decision counts.”
Bettina Hoy and Seigneur Medicott, in the lead after dressage¬† (31 penalty points), didn’t have as much luck in the show-jumping part. Two mistakes meant third place after the showjumping. Jonelle Price, in second rank after dressage had two fences down and therefore fell back on seventh place. Ingrid Klimke is currently ranked fifth with Escada after a clear round and with Horseware Hale Bob seventh after they made one mistake. Hop and Skip and Dirk Schrade also had two fences down and Andreas Ostholt and So is et made three mistakes.
National coach Hans Melzer had an explanation for the many unexpected mistakes: “One mustn’t underestimate the course, it has its own rules. But tomorrow is another day alltogether.”
Sandra Auffarth (GER), current World Champion, and Opgun Louvo had a clear round and finished in second place after the show-jumping part.
Julia Krajewski and Samourai du Thot are the real winners of the competition. They finished dressage with 37,2 points and had a clear round in the show-jumping course in their Aachen debut. However, they will not participate in the cross country tomorrow. Krajewski said: “He was just supposed to get used to the atmosphere. It was important for me that he behaved like he was at home and that worked. I’m satisfied.”
Australia currently leads the team rating with 139,8 points ahead of New Zealand, currently in second place with 142,2 points, Great Britain in third place with 142,5 points and Germany with 142,9 points.