Dorothee Schneider & Showtime

CHIO Aachen: Dorothee Schneider Cracks the 80 Percent Mark

Dorothee Schneider, second rider of the team to perform in the Nations Cup at the CHIO Aachen has lived up to the expectations after winning the German Championship in Balve: Currently she and 10-year-old Hanoverian gelding Showtime are in the lead with 80,700 percent. The pair was awarded the best mark 10 9 times -all of them in the passage, which the Sandro Hit son showed with active hindquarters and steady rhythm. “His hindquarters are so strong, there’s no need to fiddle,” the rider said, proud of her horse. The rest of the performance was also very good, with the exception of the two-times flying changes where they made some mistakes. German national coach Monica Theodorescu said that today the diagonal line wasn’t the Germans’ line.
After the competition, which will decide about her second Olympic participation and her second Championship participation, Schneider was relieved: “We both were tense,” the 47-year-old rider said. “The atmosphere here really is something else. However, during our performance he focused on me.” Schneider even has higher hopes for the Special: “He likes it a bit better.”