Carl Hester Looking for Support for Uthopia

The headlines concerning Uthopia being auctioned do not only upset friends of the Equestrian sport, but mainly Carl Hester himself. The British dressage star explained that he doesn’t own shares of the horse any more. Since 2011, Carl and Sasha Stewart have been the sole owners registered with the FEI.
Hester explained that it was a stressful experience with an unhappy ending for all parties concerned. “For 11 years, Uti was part of our family and he’s the yard favourite,” so Hester said. “I’m appalled that it has come down to this. I’m working very hard to find supporters to help me buy him in order to provide him with the very best care in his retirement. He deserves it. I owe him so much and my immediate concern is for the horse’s welfare. I just want to see him home enjoying the rest of his days at our yard, cared for by people who adore him.”