Carl Hester

Investigation: British Equestrian Federation Accused of Bullying and Corruption

On October, 13th the British Equestrian Federation has announced that an independent review will take place due to allegations of bullying, elitism and corruption. On July, 13th Clare Salmon announced her resignation as CEO. In her resignation letter she raised serious concern about the culture, governance and interaction of some of the member bodies. Joanne Shaw, president of the federation, explained that these questions needed to be answered and commissioned an independent review, which will be carried out by Sports Resolutions. The British Equestrian Federation receives large amounts of public money including 15,5 million pounds a year from UK Sport. Carl Hester, so the newspaper The Telegraph, accuses the federation of losing sponsors and criticises the enormous prize money in a cross country race in Euston Park approved by the federation. Olympic winner Nick Skelton said that there were more and more non-horsey people running the sport, which in his opinion was a disaster.