Andreas Ostholt & So is et

Breaking News : Julia Krajewski Competes Instead of Andreas Ostholt

All eventing horses have passed the vet check but then we got the news: Julia Krajewski will compete instead of Andreas Ostholt. So is et lost a horse shoe during the training camp in Bonn and since then has been showing irregular movements from time to time, so national coach Hans Melzer said. However, over the last days of the training camp the horse got better and could take part in the training. But there was still a residual risk, so Melzer said. Instead of Ostholt now Julia Krajewski will have her championship debut, the coaches are placing great hope in her. Melzer said he felt sorry for Ostholt “It’s a dream for every athlete to compete at the Olympic Games.”
We will report in more detail later, then a press conference with the German eventers will take place.