(v.l.): Dr. hc Thomas Straumann (VR-Präsident BHE AG), Madeleine Winter-Schulze, Willy Bürgin (OK-Präsident)

Award of Honour for Madeleine Winter-Schulze

A nice tradition was continued at the tournament in the St. Jakobshalle in Basel: the Award of Honour was given to a worthy personality of the equestrian sport. This year’s award went to Madeleine Winter-Schulze. The press release of the competition announced: “Her riders and horses are her family. She is the heart of the German equestrianism and the “Grande Dame” of the equestrian sport par excellence.”
Madeleine Winter-Schulze does not only support Ludger Beerbaum, Isabell Werth and Ingrid Klimke, who were able to win medals in Championships thanks to her, but also the sport in general. Born in Berlin, she herself has been German Champion in dressage and show-jumping – and she lives for the sport every day. She never sells her horses if the riders do not want them to be sold. Therefore, many retired horses live on her own pasture.
Photo: Katja Stuppia/LONGINES CSI BASEL