Dorothee Schneider & Sammy Davis jr

Up and Down in the German Nations Cup Team

After three of four riders the German team -as expected- leads the competition in today’s Grand Prix. However, not everything went as it was planned. Dorothee Schneider and San Remo son Sammy Davis Jr. began – her Rio horse Showtime is due to an injury not an option for this year’s EC. The team gold winner of Rio brought forward a strong result of 74,529 percent. “It is not always easy to be the first rider,” Schneider said. “But now the pressure drops a bit.” The 11-year-old black horse held his breath a bit in his first performance in the arena in Aachen. “He shirked a bit. He wasn’t really nervous but he could have been more self-confident.”
The second German rider to perform, Hubertus Schmidt, was disappointed by his performance. His Trakehner stallion Imperio remained beneath his possibilities with a result of 71,371 percent. His chances for the European Championships in Gothenburg after his reserve role in Rio and yesterday’s performance of Helen Langehanenberg in the CDI Grand Prix have diminished significantly. “I have to be realistic,” the 57-year-old rider said. “We have good pairs. I imagined it to be different. Today was the maximum penalty. But now we have a two day break and perhaps we can get a flying start. We’ll see how it goes.” Schmidt does not have an explanation for the mistakes: “He felt good. His trot usually is a safe number. Having a mistake just in the beginning doesn’t make a good first impression. The piaffes also could have been better.”
Sönke Rothenberger was the third rider in Monica Theodorescu’s team. He and 10-year-old Cosmo reached 78,757 percent. The rider from Bad Homburg was not completely satisfied: “The horse was in great form but the rider was not fully focused.” In the zick-zack half-passes Rothenberger made one extra canter stride each. “That cost us a lot,” the 22-year-old rider said. He also received a point reduction in the rein-back. “I would have liked to scrape the 80 percent,” last year’s gold medal winner said. “But I felt the pressure today since the results of the others were not fully as expected.”