Charlotte Dujardin & Valegro

Isabell Werth Also Delivers Good Result – Dujardin and Valegro in Outstanding Form

No, the gold medal is not yet a sure thing for the Germans, but Isabell Werth said: “If no drama happens then we hopefully will take gold home with us!” Monica Theodorescu’s team currently leads the competition with 81,424 percent ahead of the British – thanks to a strong peformance from Charlotte Dujardin and Valegro – who aren’t too far behind (79,252 percent). The US Americans currently rank in third place (86,971 percent) and the Dutch only just behind them in fourth place (76,043 percent).
The individual rating looks it it was to be expected: Charlotte Dujardin and KWPN gelding Valegro by Negro/Gershwin raise a claim for gold. There is an explanation for the significant gap between Dujardin’s 85,071 percent and Kristina Bröring-Sprehe’s 82,257 percent: The German rider had some mistakes, while Dujardin and Valegro showed a flawless Grand Prix. “I just wanted to go out there and enjoy it,” the British rider said and smiled. “The passion for the horse of my life is so big. I just can’t not smile while riding him. But he also enjoyed it today,  he gave his best.”
The title defender was not disturbed by the screeching birds that flew over the arena during her performance: “Oh, at home we also have chickens and peacocks…” The 31-year-old rather gets distracted by the experience of the Olympic Games. Dujardin lives in the Olympic Village for the first time (she didn’t do that in London). “Sometimes I almost forget that I’m here to compete,” she said. “I see Serena Williams and I think ‘Oh my god’ and then I see the incredible amounts of food or the queue in front of McDonalds, which seems to go on forever and ever. I love it! It’s fantastic!”
Isabell Werth already has experienced this many times so she’s focused: However, her Oldenburger mare Weihegold OLD by Don Schufro is not very experienced yet and therefore was scared by the waving flags. “They made loud cracking sounds and then she jumped to the side,” the current team world champion said. But that happened before they rode into the arena and then Weihegold concentrated on the performance. A mistake happened during the transition from the passage to the walk – Weihegold was a bit early – and the line out of the second pirouette could have been more straight. Besides that the pair was able to deliver a convincing performance. “If no drama happens then we hopefully willl take gold home with us,” Werth speculated. “We’d really like to get a medal here.”
Tomorrow after the Special it will be clear which teams will win gold, silver, and bronze.