Alexander Onischenko

Alexander Onischenko Involved in Gas Fraud?

Ukrainian show jumper and multimillionaire Alexander Onischenko has been accused of being involved or even being the mastermind of the whole scheme in a corruption scandal. Various online newspapers (among them reported that officials involved with the state gas company Ukrgazvydobuvannya have siphoned off about $120 million over the last three years. Alexander Onischenko is supposed to be the organiser and substantial beneficiary of the whole scheme. While 10 people were already arrested Onischenko has been protected by parliamentary immunity. However, NABU, an anti-corruption bureau has already filed a request to remove his immunity.
Onischenko faces seven to twelve years in prison. reported that the show jumper, who has been president of the Ukrainian federation since 2002, stated that he would go to prison if he needed to, but that they should let him compete at the Olympic Games in Rio first. “I’m prepared to go straight from the arena to a prison cell. And let them give me space in the prison to train, that’s all I ask,” so Onischenko. The Ukrainian is part of the longlist for the Ukrainian team with Calcourt Falklund and Carlina. All the other horses of the Ukrainian team are also owned by Onischenko.