Penelope Leprevost & Vagabond de la Pomme

Leprevost’s Warm Up Will be Further Examined

During the third and final round of the World Cup Final in Gothenburg, a recording of the live-reporting TV channel broadcasted to the screens in the Scandinavium and TV screens at home caused an uproar. During warm up, Penelope Leprevost’s horse Vagabond de la Pomme tripped and bend his knee, but was instantly back in balance. The rider reacted in a very harsh fashion, she pulled up the horse’s head and poked it’s flanks with her spurs. In the social media people are discussing right now why such a behaviour is allowed during warm up.
The Swedish page Tidningen Ridsport has talked to chief stewardess Maria Hernek, who writes the reports to the FEI. She said that she had got a report by a steward from the warm up area, which stated that the rider had overreacted in an unacceptable manner. In such a case there were three possibilities to act. The mildest form was a dialogue with the rider and his or her trainer. The next step was an oral reprimand, and the third a yellow card. The first two steps had taken place during the event.
The rider’s actions had not been so severe that a yellow card would have been the appropriate punishment. The rider’s disciplining of the horse only went on for few seconds, so Maria Hernek. The steward had watched the pair until the horse was back in balance.
However, now video sequences from the SVT have surfaced that show that the rider disciplined her horse two times. The FEI now has the possibility to watch this movie in order to take disciplinarian measures. According to the chief stewardess this has not happened yet, but is a possibility. But in order for this to happen they needed an uncut video. The issue is being discussed by the Swedish federation in order to decide about the further actions.
On Facebook these scenes can be watched here.