Ludo Philippaerts

725,000 Euro Compensation for Ludo Philippaerts

It took some years to settle the legal dispute between Belgian show jumper Ludo Philippaerts and the former owners of the Arenberg stud farm. A court in Antwerpen has sentenced the former owners to 15 months imprisonment and a fine of 2,750 Euro. Furthermore they have to pay damages amounting to 725,000 Euro to Ludo Philippaerts.

It was proven that the accused had deceived Philippaerts concerning the price of a horse in a horse sale. In 2002 the Arenberg stud farm and the Dorperheide stud farm (Philippaerts) had bought the horse Amaretto d’Arco for 17,000 Euro. The horse was based at the Arenberg stud farm, Malle. On August 18th, 2008 Philippaerts found out that the accused Patrick S. and Louise M. had sold the horse to the American Spy Coast Farm without his knowledge. At the time Patrick S. told Philippaerts he had sold Amaretto d’Arco for 500,000 Euro and that he wanted to pay him half the amount.  However, then it became known that the horse had been sold for 1,450,000 Euro – Philippaerts lodged a complaint. The accused had already been sentenced to imprisonment in November, but they filed an appeal. But the appeal court’s decision was the same. Meanwhile Amaretto d’Arco lives no longer – he died from a colic last year.