059 Frie Fabienne Lütkermeier D'Agostino

Satisfied and sad at the same time: Fabienne Lütkemeier

“It was a pleasure to ride him. I even enjoyed it more than at the Grand Prix”, Fabienne Lütkmeier said satisfied after her Grand Prix Special, where the German couple achieved 74.082 percent. And yet being among the best 15 riders and thus qualifying for the freestyle may remain tough for the German. “It would be great to make it“, the rider says. “In the first place, however, I am satisfied and enjoyed to ride in the stadium once again.”

Yesterday in the evening the gold team was sitting together and celebrating a little . But the atmosphere remained calm anyway. The injury of Bella Rose, Isabell Werth’s horse, gives everybody a hard time. ”This is such a great couple“, Lütkemeier explained. “Moreover, Isabell Werth is somehow the mother of the team. For this reason everybody is depressed.” Klaus Roeser, chef d’equipe, was seriously struggling with the bad news the next day. “Of course, this is a downer after yesterday’s success and keeps the nerves strained. Isabell has had ambitious hopes and aims. That’s really hard. It is nothing to worry about seriously and yet the timing is bad.”

Nathalie zu Sayn-Wittgensteins performance with Digby on the contrary came right in time. The princess from Denmark also apologized politely to Fabienne Lütkemeier because she had passed her achieving 75.408 percent. The 17 years old gelding actually had been withdrawn from championships last year in Herning at the European Championship. He only started once again to qualify as a member of the team for the Olympic Games. The rider, who is going to have a baby in five months, explained: “Our plans for this year were really completely different. Digby was intended to have his last show in Mechelen this year. Now that I am pregnant I am not going to go there and everything has changed. That is to say that this show is definitely going to be his last.” The Dane shed tears after the great special. “As far as I can feel this has been the best special he has ever done”, said Sayn-Wittgenstein deeply moved. She, too, still has to hope that she will be among the participants of the freestyle. At present time she ocuupies the third place.