World Dressage Masters Bankrupt

Rumors existed for a long time and recently the dressage competition that once promised the most prize money was discontinued. In April already, so eurodressage.comannounced, the world dressage masters company, the organisation behind the event was declared 100 percent bankrupt and declared 50 percent bankrupt as the owner of Global Dressage Analytics. The official reasons are insufficient financial assets and no real income.
The World Dressage Masters was founded in 2008 in order to start a worldwide series of high class events with the most prize money ever. In the first years there were many sponsors, among them Exquis by Ton Kies, the Nürnberger Versicherung, Jerich International or Antonia Ax:son Johnson. Since 2014, however, there were no more sponsors. In 2015 the Ukrainian VIAN group stood in but the prize money was not paid. Bernadette Brune as organiser of the event sued theWDM company. Even though she won the process she never got the money. The case of the VIAN group ist still ongoing.