Wim Schröder Coaching together with Paul Schockemöhle in the Future

The preparations for the Olympic Games in Tokyo need to be thorough. The Games are especially important for the Japanese. This fact is also known by Paul Schockemöhle, who has been the coach of the Japanese team for some years now. Therefore he has been looking for support. In the Future Dutch Wim Schröer will be coaching together with Schockemöhle, who is already more than 70 years old. As yet Schröder does not have experience as team coach, but he has always supported his brothers with their training. Schockemöhle has offered the job to Schröder, who says he feels honoured by the offer. At the same time it was a big challenge: “I think I have much to learn from a man like Schockemöhle, but also from the position itself – that is something new, ” so Schröder told horses.nl