Matthias Rath & Totilas

Werth and Schockemöhle Expect Totilas Career is Finished

Sjef Janssen, coach of Matthias Rath and Totilas, already announced on Dutch television that the performance of the black stallion in Aachen could have been his last. Isabell Werth, team colleague of Matthias Rath said that one should not grieve for Totilas’ career all the time. “The European Championships were a turning point, a kind of self-purification process,” the experienced rider said. “I hope for a nice conclusion for Matthias and the horse but I hope that the issue has been sufficiently discussed and that the championship career is over.”
Co-owner Paul Schockemöhle uttered a similar statement. The Mühlener told the BILD that the Rath/Linsenhoff family was responsible for the sport, but that he wouldn’t fight if they said that Totilas wouldn’t come back to the sport. “At this time I think it wouldn’t be good if he came back,” so Schockemöhle said. “It’s not unreasonable to talk about the end of his career.”
National coach Monica Theodorescu had something slightly different to say: “I think it’s quite sad for Matthias that Totilas has another injury. It will be difficult for him to come back, he will be 16 soon. For Matthias sake I’d wish for a comeback.”
As yet it is not clear if there will be consequences due to the fact that Totilas competed in Aachen despite having problems in the vet check and during warm up. Sport director Dr. Dennis Peiler explained: “After Aachen we will examine the situation very thoroughly – and then we will make decisions.”