Werner Muff’s Title Deprived of Title

During the Championship in September Werner Muff’s horse Pollendr was tested positive for Tramadol, an analgetic that has not been approved for horses or to be more precise for the main component of Tramadol, O-Desmethyltramadol (ODMT). Due to the zero tolerance rule Muff was retroactively disqualified, received a penalty of 1,000 Swiss francs and was suspended from the sport for six months. However, the rider lodged a complaint against the ruling and with the help of a medical certificate and a scientific opinion he was able to reach a settlement. According to the Witnessing Analyst the B sample should not have been taken into account as positive, since the minimum criteria for a conclusive result had not been met. And even if the horse’s urine really contained 1 to 20 ng/ml ODMT then this did not happen due to the administration of Tramadol, but due to an unconscious and unintended contamination.
The SVPS and Werner Muff agreed before the conciliation authority of the Kanton Bern that the penalty and the suspension will be suspended, but that the disqualification will persist and will be accepted by Muff. The main reason the federation agreed to the settlement was that the case was a dispute among experts that had reached a great magnitude and where the decision of a court would not have been predictable and would have led to massive costs.
Edwin Smits and Dandiego B Z will get the gold medal.