Allover-win in WDM for Salzgeber

I couldn’t sleep pretty well“. That’s what Ulla Salzgeber says smiling after she had been given the check of 25,000 euro. Only one day before Graf von Ballestrem, the host of the tournament had told her that she was neck and neck with Patrik Kittel and won the overall standings of the World Dressage Masters. And that’s what she actually did. Together with the son of Herzruf she finished third in the freestyle achieving 78,1 percent which was enough to gain the competition. Tinne Vilhelmson-Silfven on her horse Don Auriello won the freestyle achieving 84,15 percent. She had already been leading in the capital of Bavaria a couple of times. “I always like travelling to Munich although it takes me a long time to go there“, she said laughing. Isabell Werth, who finished second in freestyle with her horse El Santo, said: “Munich is always a good place to go. Ernie did his best today. I am really glad that we managed to return to the top after we had hit the bottom.”

John van de Laar, the organizer of the World Dressage Masters, announced: „We have been in Munich for six years now and much has happened. As the rest of the world won’t stop moving, we rather want to increase our offer. We are going to discuss with our partners whether we may not offer everything starting from ponies to seniors.”