Paul Estermann & Castlefield Eclipse

Paul Esterman Accused of Animal Cruelty

According to the Schweizer Pferdewoche Paul Estermann has come under investigation because he has been accused of animal cruelty. Two days before, the Blick had already released an article in which one of Estermann’s former grooms accuses his former boss. Apparently a photograph of the top horse Castlefield Eclipse exists, which shows the horse with bloody wounds and bruises which supposedly were inflicted with a riding crop. The photograph was supposedly taken in 2016. The groom told the newspaper that Estermann every now and then let other people and horses suffer from his bad moods. However, the newspaper also questions the groom’s motivation since he had been reported for theft by Estermann. The money was given back to Estermann, but the groom said that this had nothing to do with his accusations. He had also seen Estermann hitting Lord Pepsi for minutes.