Christian Ahlmann & Clintrexo Z

Optimal from A to Z: Christian Ahlmann and Clintrexo Z

Christian Ahlmann has won the Grand Prix of Wiesbaden for the first time. “As yet the others somehow were better,” the rider from Marl said and laughed. This year he wanted to know it. He already had a top result with only 9-year-old Zangersheide stallion Clintrexo Z in Hamburg and he was able to increase the horse’s tempo in the few weeks he’s ridden him – before the Clintissimo son was ridden by his partner Judy-Ann Melchior. “Today I thought I’d give it a real try,” so the team bronze winner of the 2016 Olympic Games. “And he accepted it immediately. It went optimal from A to Z.” As already in Hamburg, Ahlmann competed his new set of horses: Clintrexo Z and Take a Chance on Me Z, in Hamburg Tokyo. All of them exceptional horses, so Ahlmann. “However, one always hopes for a lot and often there are limits.” But, so he said, he currently planned from week to week because he did not know the horses for a longer time period.

Second place in the DKB-Riders-Tour qualification and the Grand Prix went to Swiss Sergio Alvarez Moya with Luchino. He also was more than satisfied. “It was the first Grand Prix for my horse. I did not think we would be this fast,” Moya said. “And today he was better than I was – I lost the jump-off between the second and third fence.”

Belgian Wilm Vermeir and DM Jacqmotte finished third. It was a special success for Vermeir, because the Toulon son, also 9 years old, is the first horse his wife bred.