Kevin Staut & Reveur de Hurtebise

Many Names are Missing in French WEG Team

It had already become apparent that the French will have to do without some of their best riders for the WEG. Now five names are clear – Philiippe Guerdat has decided. The pairs to travel to the US are:
- Nicolas Delmotte with Ilex VP
- Alexis Deroubaix with Timon d’Aure
- Alexandra Francard with Volnay du Boisdeville
- Thierry Rozier with Venezia d’Ecaussinnes
- Kevin Staut with Reveur de Hurtebise
How great the despair in France is can be seen in the nomination of Reveur de Hurtebise – Kevin Staut had retired the horse after the World Cup Final in Paris, but now he reactivated him.