Gotthilf Riexinger & Hauke Schmidt

Discrepancies among the Stuttgart German Masters Team

This morning, the Stuttgarter Zeitung stated: “The Great Man of the Event Quits”. With the great man they mean Gotthilf Riexinger. The event director of the Stuttgart German Masters who led the event for more than three decades and is one of the inventors of the successful indoors event wanted according to the newspaper lead the event until 2017 and then -at age 70- retire. The newspaper further cites him: he would have liked to contribute with his experience to the search for a successor but “unfortunately they circumvented me and held talks behind my back, also with the sponsors.”
The Reiterjournal did an interview with Andreas Kroll, director of the event company responsible for the event, in which Kroll stated that Riexinger had broken his silence. In March they had informed him about personnel-related matters and both parties agreed not to disclose these matters. Kroll then explained that they wanted a personnel change in 2017, but only wanted to communicate it when all persons concerned had informed their personal environment. In order to further be well-positioned, they had spoken with Gotthilf Riexinger about a successor time and again. That they as event company now searched for solutions was in their responsibility, and Riexinger had accepted that.