Denis Lynch & Abervail van het Dingeshof

Unbelievable: Lynch Also Wins Grand Prix

Only very rarely someone manages to win the first qualification, the second qualification and the Grand prix. 38-year-old Denis Lynch from Ireland was able to score this coup this weekend at the Löwenclassics in Braunschweig. The Irish rider sat in the saddle of 15-year-old Abbervail van het Dingeshof, who now will get a break of several weeks. Lynch won the competition ahead of Swedish Henrik von Eckermann with For Sale by For Pleasure, bred by Beerbaum Stables. In 1997, the Holstein federation had gifted Ludger Beerbaum with For Sale’s mother. “With this mare I started in the sport at Ludger Beerbaum’s yard. I would be glad if I could change For Sale to “Not for Sale”,” von Eckermann joked. Third place in the Grand Prix went to Toni Haßmann with Crocant, a 12-year-old gelding, previously Denis Lynch’s ride.