Undercover and Siro drop out for Dutch team

There are plenty of bad news. Now the Dutch dressage team has been concerned as well. Both Edward Gal’s Undercover and Danielle Heijkoop’s Siro are not going to travel to Normandy. Undercover showed an impressive performance during the training but yesterday in the morning he suddenly moved strangely. The vet diagnosed problems with the cervical spine. Although a physcial therapist was able to mobilize the vortex, the inflammation continued to cause him pain. Probably “Fritsie” will have recovered in a week. But in order to avoid any risk, the Ferro son stays in the Netherlands. According to the association Heijkoop‘s Sero is said to suffer from something similar as Totilas. He has hit himself. Whereas Edward Gal can still fall back on his second horse Voice, Heijkoop is going to be replaced by Diederik van Silfhout with Arlando. Wim Ernes, the federal coach, says that he still believes in the chance to win a medal with this team.