For the forth time Max-Theurer

Victoria Max-Theurer (AUT) won the Grand Prix Special of Cappeln International with 74,92 percent together with her top horse, the self-bred 14 year old Oldenburg stallion Augustin OLD. “Especially in the trot tour Augustin OLD was really good. Unfortunately enough, we made three mistakes, in the changes, which made us lose a lots of points. Now I know which homework to do. And yet I am satisfied because I could show a top performance with Augustin despite the hot weather”, said Victoria Max-Theurer with a view to the World Equestrian Games in Normany.

As in the Grand Prix it was again the US rider Catherine Haddad Staller with her chestnut gelding Mane Stream Hotmail who could reach the second place with 71,66 percent. Nadine Cappelmann and Dark Dynamic finished on third place with 68,02 percent.

In all four tests of the Big Tour the winner was Victoria Max-Theurer, who could also look forward to receive the award of the most successful rider of the first edition of the Dressage Cappeln International.

“People enjoyed our show.  The other participants, the judges and the spectators appreciated our performance. We owe it to our team that the event was well-organized although there was little time to prepare everything. The team worked efficiently before and during the show”, this is how Sissy Max-Theurer concludes with satisfaction. “The only thing we still have to find is the button for the air conditioning”, she said smiling while making this allusion to the high temperatures during the three days of the tournament in Cappeln. Whether Dressage Cappeln International will continue next year is something the owner of the stud Vorwerk doesn’t want to decide right now.

photo: Michael Rzepa