Ukraine Reacts to Accusation of Nationalistic Judging

The Ukraine has taken a stand concerning the accusation of nationalistic judging the FEI has uttered at the CDI in Lier, Belgium, in March. Viktoriya Povzlo, Secretary-General  of the Equestrian Federation of Ukraine, has sent an open letter to to FEI President Ingmar des Vos and FEI secretary-general Sabrina Ibanez-Zeender, in which she declared that she was stunned by the sanctions against two judges from Ukraine and by the fact that the competition in Lier was crossed from the Olympic ranking. This letter was also sent to Eurodressage.
In her letter, Povzlo further stated that the FEI had acted in a manner not compatible with the Moral Code of the FEI and had also violated basic human rights as fair trial, since the two judges had not been heard and also not been proven guilty before the letter from the FEI, in which the two judges were accused of nationalist judging was made public.
Povzlo also wrote in her letter that only three weeks before the deadline for points in the Olympic Ranking throughout the whole world 10 riders had significantly improved their personal bests, some by more than 5%. This had happened in Dortmund, Odense, Wellington and Moscow. However, the FEI had not adressed these events even though the judges’ results looked similar. She furthermore said that it was a discriminatory measure to focus only on the event in Lier and the Ukrainian judges, and not also on events taking place in countries that are economic and regional superpowers like Germany, the US, Denmark or Russia. This selective approach not only damaged the credibility and the reputation of the FEI, but also the reputation of Ukraine in the World, the National Federation, the Ukrainian judges and riders as well as Mrs. Logutenkova.
Viktoriya Povzlo demands that the FEI revoke the decision and apologize to the Ukraine, she has named March 30 as the deadline. If such an apology had not taken place by then they would consider taking legal steps.