Comments to the Cross

General conclusion by Rüdiger Schwarz

„All in all, the structure of the Cross is good. It is not exaggerated. And yet, here the cross-country will make the difference and probably determine the final outcome. You really have to deal well with your stamina in this course. This is also the topic most riders think about. You have to use your time carefully and have to know what you have practiced. You should really pay attention to your horse. The beginning is already intensive and many technical tasks follow. Generally speaking, there are many uphill and downhill parts and repeatedly ground waves. You have to benefit from the downhill parts and should not think that you have to accelerate during the downhill parts. That would be nonsense. If everything remains the same, it is going to be pretty tough! Then none of the teams will achieve four clear rounds. If three or four riders remain within the stipulated time, this is a satisfying result. But the ground in general won’t be as bad as many believe.”

Further comments on the Cross

Peter Thomsen: “The entire course is a challenge. I consider the final loop completely superfluous. Only the unscrupulous riders can benefit from it.”

Ingrid Klimke: “We all know that this is not a dressage test. The first riders might manage to remain within time. You can also falter on the trails and chose other lines if the ground is not good enough. All in all, there are many small jumps, but if you have got the ideal line, you will also arrive well. In the second water you think that you have made it but then you still have to overcome the in-out. And yet time and again there are also parts which allow to recover. I consider two loops superfluous. In the last loop the horses think that they are approaching the goal now but then they realize that they are wrong. It is a real Four Stars Course. But we didn’t expect anything different.”

Chris Bartle:“ You are not allowed to ride only according to your heart and the clock. You also have to think carefully. I will fix a concrete goal for every rider. Maybe no one will arrive within the stipulated time at the end.”

Michael Jung: “The alternatives take away your time and your power. My first plan always is to chose the direct way. The tasks have been defined clearly. But I will have to pay attention to Rocana and switch occasionally in case she stops pulling. What about the ground? When I walk on it, it feels very smooth. But they worked much on it. I think it will be ok. It occasionally happens that the surface feels muddy and underneath the grip is good. In any case you will have to concentrate right from the start until the end.”

William Fox-Pitt:“ The cross-country is demanding. This is really no dressage contest.”