Steve Guerdat


Swiss rider and horsemen Steve Guerdat leaves the Rütihof in Herrliberg near Zurich after eight years to move to the mythical equestrian center of Monika and Paul Weier, the legendary Swiss horseman, in Elgg, a municipality in the district of Winterthur in the canton of Zürich in Switzerland, to fulfil a long-cherished dream of starting his own business. From this day on, the Olympic champion of London will become the new owner and manager of the famous equestrian center of Elgg, including the entire plant, grounds and properties in the surrounding area.

The box and facility for Nino’s new home are ready, and the preparations for the change of residence of Steve and his horses are in full swing, so that the hoof-clopping of his cracks will soon be resounding in the famous Elgger stables.

After 10 years at the Rütihof in Herrliberg, of course some melancholy is present leaving the beautiful plant on the hillside above the right bank of the Lake of Zurich, and Steve thanks from the bottom of his heart the owner Urs E. Schwarzenbach, the manager Werner Oberholzer and the entire staff for the great help and continuous support during all the years. At the same time he can hardly wait for it and is looking forward to this new challenge and to start something new, and on his own.

(press release)