Steffen Peters & Legolas

Steffen Peters Now with Helmet

US dressage rider Steffen Peters has finally been convinced: in the future he will compete wearing a helmet. He said that his team colleagues and some mothers had confronted him time and again and that he now wanted to set an example for children. When he had looked at the pictures from Rio 2016 he realised that he was the only rider in the US team to wear a top hat. Another factor for his decision had been Carl Hester. “I received so many messages on Facebook,” Peters said, “some firm, some kindly convincing me to wear a helmet because I am setting an example for children.” He further said that some mothers’ messages were very aggressive, but that at the end of the day he had to say that athletes in this position have to set guidelines and suggestions and that safety always comes first. He also pointed out that many accidents happened while the horse was walking, it was not always the horse acting up or bucking or a fall. Peters admitted that he had held on to his top hat for such a long time due to superstition. He had first exchanged his tailcoat, which he had worn for 26 years and then he lost the last item of his superstition, the top hat.