Helen Langehanenberg & Suppenkasper

Langehanenberg’s Suppenkasper bought for Steffen Peters

This year Helen Langehanenberg and 9-year-old Dutch gelding Suppenkasper had their Grand Prix debut. In Compi├Ęgne, France in May the Spielberg/Krack C son received 72,520 percent in the Grand Prix and 74,294 percent in the Special, which meant two victories. In Cappeln last week they won the Grand Prix with 70,580 percent and the Freestyle with 75,975 percent.
However, their journey now is at an end. The KWPN gelding was bought for Steffen Peters as a prospect for the Olympic Games in Tokyo. As yet the horse was owned by Langehanenberg’s husband Dr. David Lichtenberg. Akiko Yamazaki and Jerry Yang have invested into the horse so that Peters has an alternative next to Rosamunde. Yamazaki already provided Peters with horses for the last three Olympic Games. Yamazaki’s mother is a Japanese, therefore the next Olympic Games are important for the family.