Sönke Rothenberger & Cosmo

Strong Debut for Rothenberger – Forfeit for Cornelissen

“It’s great to ride such a horse here,” Sönke Rothenberger said after he and 9-year-old KWPN gelding Cosmo by Van Goth/Grosso Z had showed a strong performance for the German team. The championship debutant received 77,329 percent. “Here and there he could have been more energetic,” the 21-year-old rider said about his ride “but he’s the youngest horse to compete here and I wanted to show a safe round.”  He took this decision together with the team management and his parents, so that “the others could follow up on his performance,” so Rothenberger.
The unevenness in the first extended trot was unnecessary and Rothenberger would have wished Cosmo to be more lively in the first two piaffes. “I hope that I will be able to improve our performance in the Special, but for the time being I’m content. He felt comfortable here, apparently he likes the big arena.” That his father led the horse to the dressage arena was only a safety precaution. “The rule exists and therefore we can make use of it,” so the youngest rider of the German team said. “We didn’t want to try something different, the way is rather long. And he never was in such a big arena.”
The Dutch had a shock moment just before Rothenberger’s performance. Adelinde Cornelissen and 19-year-old Jazz son Parcival had to forfeit during the competition. His tongue got over the bit, but the rider explained her forfeit: some days ago a mosquito bit Parzival in his mouth and he had a fever. Yesterday they were able to reduce the fever and his veterinarian said she should try to compete for her team. “But he was totally empty,” so Cornelissen said, “therefore I forfeited. He doesn’t deserve this.”