Sönke Rothenberger & Favourit

Sönke Rothenberger’s Favourit Euthanised After Pelvis Fracture

Shock in Bad Homburg: 18-year-old Favourit, whom Sönke Rothenberger competed at Grand Prix level had to be euthanised after a pelvis fracture. During the CHIO week, the Fidermark son got scared by a lightning strike near the stable and broke his pelvis. The Rothenberger family state on their Facebook page that Favourit had always been frightened by thunderstorms and that the horses that usually lived in the boxes next to Favourit were in Aachen or Warendorf and therefore could not calm him. They furthermore said that they could see on the cameras how much pain he had suffered but that it was not clear at first what the problem was. Favourit underwent various treatments, then the pelvis was suspected and the horse was not allowed to lay down since the pelvis could break. However, last night happened what everyone wanted to prevent: Favourit lay in his box and suffered great pain. The family therefore decided to euthanise him. “Thank you for everything, little man! You will never been forgotten,” they wrote on their page. “We love and miss you. Thanks for everythin, Favourit!”