Brazil Announces Olympic Teams

This should be a surprise for many people: Rodrigo Pessoa is only reserve rider at the Olympic Games in his home country. The Brazilian show-jumping team are: Álvaro Affonso de Miranda with AD Cornetto K, Eduardo Pereira de Menezes with Quintol, Pedro Guimarães Veniss with Quabri de L’Isle as well as Stephan de Freitas Barcha with Landpeter do Feroleto. Reserve pair is Pessoa with Citizenguard Cadjanine Z.
The Brazilian dressage team: Giovanna Prado Pass with Zyngaro de Lyw, João Victor Marcari Oliva with Xamã dos Pinhais, luiza Tavares de Almeida with Vendaval as well was Pedro Manuel Tavares de Almeida with Xaparro do Vouga. The last rider also provides the reserve horse, Vinheste.
Carlos Parro with Summon Up The Blood, Márcio Appel with Iberon Jmen, Márcio Carhalho Jorge with Lissy Mac Wayer and Ruy Fenseca with Tom Bombadill Too form the Brazilian eventing team. Reserve rider here is Nilson Moreira da Silva with Muggle.