Rio 2016

Só Alegria: Lost Socks, Broken Razor and News Concerning the Toilet Issue

Yes, slowly but surely we get used to the conditions here. Humans are creatures of habit and we have learned to accept the things like they are. However, this morning I went to the reception since I have been living in this room for four days now and in these four days no janitor has been in the room.

Having a look at hygiene there’s also news concerning the toilet issue: It’s unbelievable – now we can lock the toilet stalls. Slits have been added and so the bolts can now be closed. That already fees much better. However, the space has been further reduced. Now there’s a waste bin in every stall. A big one. And since yesterday we also know why: a sign telling us not to throw any toilet paper in the toilet has been installed in every mobile toilet. Due to the explanations of dressage chef d’équipe Klaus Roeser we now know that in Brazil the toilet paper belongs in the waste bin and not the toilet…. o.k. we really don’t want to think about this topic any more.

Andreas Ostholt currently has other problems. He and Ingrid Klimke handed a in a clothes bag which never showed up again. Now he has to do with two pairs of socks and three t-shirts for the rest of the event.

William Fox-Pitt had to organise a new razor. His broke on the trip to Rio and the rider who currently leads the eventing competition apologised for not being shaved when he was in the Mixed Zone. Well, beards are currently in vogue.

Yesterday when everybody inspected the course you could make some interesting discoveries. Some officials worked with drill-like machines in front of the fences. We were informed quickly that they tested the firmness of the ground. Wow- apparently Brazil is definitely ahead of us in some things. There were already volunteers at all fences and all passages for the audience. When a whistle could be heard we thought: ‘What’s going on here?’ It soon became clear that a horse was on the course. A horse? Yes, a quad with which they practised for today’s cross county competition.

The medal ceremony has also been practised. First the ceremony for the teams, then the ceremony for the individual rating. It seems nothing can go wrong. But the medals only will be awarded tomorrow. Right now we all were put in a state of turmoil since a FEI employee asked if it was true that a German horse was withdrawn. Faulty message. Now we have to get ready for the cross country and cross our fingers.