Só Alegria: Bye Bye Rio – In the End We Got Along Well

18 days of Olypic Games, 18 days of Rio de Janeiro are now behind me. The experience I gained was very special. It was positive and negative at once. A trip to the sugar loaf clearly showed these two sides of the coin. On the one hand a wonderful scenario and the nature in the Brazilian metropolis, nice and helpful people who tried to communicate with us with the help of google translate and vivacious people who danced and sung. We wished to be able to take this ease home to Germany.
And on the other hand the encompassing poverty we saw on our second trip since we went earlier than on our first trip. During the first trip we thought “Was there rain?,” then we on the second trip we comprehended that on the last trip the streets already had been cleared with water. The picture we saw on the second day when the streets were not cleaned for the day wasn’t really nice. Homeless people on every corner who then …. on every corner. But many things are a reimbursement for these pictures – and it was important to have seen this part of Rio too.
The saying that was sprayed onto a wall “Olympic Games – For Who?” fit the whole picture. The poor people will gain nothing from the games. On the contrary. Probably they will suffer even more than before due to the immense financial burdens the city has due to the big event. Even the riders did criticise that the Olympic Games were given to Rio. Isabell Werth already said it last week and Ludger Beerbaum also criticised the problems in the country but also problems with the organisation. They hadn’t seen a janitor for a whole week in the Olympic Village. So we almost did well in our military flat shares.
And a small wonder has happened yesterday, on the last day: in the mobile toilets soap and tissue dispensers were installed. With real tissues and not the thin toilet paper that already broke while you still tried to get it from the roll. In Rio everything takes a bit longer, that’s what we learned and will take with us.