Sjef Janssen Stays Belgian Coach

An evaluation about Sjef Janssen’s work in Belgium showed a positive result;┬átherefore the contract between Anky van Grunsven’s husband and the Belgian Federation has been prolonged until the end of 2016. Janssen has been coach of the Belgian dressage cadre since March, 2013. Throughout this time the Dutch coach has created a professional structure and formed the pairs. The biggest focus for the team is the Olympic Qualification for Rio in 2016, so the motivated coach disclosed. Aside from the pre-qualified teams, the Belgians have to be one of the three best teams at the European Championship in Aachen. However, in dressage there is also the possibility to send a “composite” team: in case they were not one of the three best teams at the European Championships, a Team could be formed when taking the World Ranking list into account.