Andrew Nicholson

Sensation for Swiss Eventers: Nicholson Takes Over as Coach

The Swiss federation states on their homepage that it had been one of their dreams – and now it will come true: eventing star Andrew Nicholson will take over as coach of the Swiss eventers. The riders, the chef d’équipe, the federation: everyone is looking forward to the co-operation with the New Zealander. Their goals are set high: the 2020 Olympic Games. There was never so much potential: nine pairs have reached the qualification for the EC in Luhmühlen. And there are still two tickets for the Olympic Games to be had at the EC. Another one will follow through the seven Nations Cup events.
Nicholson is supposed to be coach for the cross country next to Ernst Wettstein, who is responsible for dressage and show-jumping. Nicholson will come to Switzerland for some training sessions in winter and spring and will accompany the riders to some events. Robin Gondel, youngest Swiss rider in Tryon, was already noticed by Nicholson when he was in the US. He invited the young rider to train with him in Great Britain.
The German riders also trained with Nicholson for some time: in 2017 he helped them at some events. However, so Hans Melzer said in Tryon, his riders did not fully embrace Nicholson’s training.