Dorothee Schneider & Sammy Davis Jr.

Sammy Davis jr. is No Coward – Doro Schneider Irritated

Suddenly there was audible whispering in the dressage arena when Dorothee Schneider and Sammy Davis jr. started the gallop tour. Just as many in the audience the rider asked herself: “What happened? Did I go the wrong way? Has Sammy lost his toupet? – He doesn’t have one!” Then Doro Schneider saw what had caused the whispering: a rabbit had crossed the arena and hid in the flowers next to it. While the San Remo son stayed calm the rider was so irritated that she made a mistake in the one-time flying changes “For a short moment I lost my concentration and we had the mistake in the flying changes. That was my fault.”
The team Euroean Champion should be content with her horse’s performance. Currently they rank in third place with 75,916 percent behind Helen Langehanenberg and strong American Kasey Perry-Glass with Goerklintgaards Dublet (76,801 percent).
After Schneider presented Showtime in the I-tour yesterday the question now is who is to be number one for Tryon? “Both horses are great and I like both of them, ” Schneider said. “Showtime was a bit tense yesterday and had a lot of (positive) energy, he has a strong hind leg, while Sammy is charming and nimble. Considering Showtime can get more than 80 percent the direction could be clear. I did not have that yet with Sammy. But let’s wait and see.”