Tory Story to Retirement

Swedish dressage rider Patrik Kittel sends his 16-year-old Toy Story into retirement. “The big boy, Toy Story can enjoy his retirement a little earlier than expected,” said Kittel about the Come Back II son, “but nonetheless well deserved.” The Swedish gelding was originally bought for Lynda Oatley, Kittel’s wife, but they were not a good match. Then Kittel took over Toy Story’s ride. The pair competed at the European Championships in Herning, won several World Cup Qualifiers and two Swedish Championships. The horse had problems with his digestion and weight again and again, so it was decided that he now should live a life in the meadow eating grass. “Once he entered the arena”, so his rider said “there was no one who tried harder than Toy. He never wanted to make a mistake and loved the attention. The more audience the more self-confidence he had. He is always chatty and calls out whenever we enter the stable. He is a big giant with a gentle soul.”