Otto Becker

Otto Becker: “The Best Riders are Here!”

Just now the vet check of the show-jumping horses has finished and German national coach Otto Becker has reason to be pleased: all Gemran horses have passed the check without problems – Marcus Ehning’s Selle Francais gelding Pret a Tout by Hiram Chambertin-Stew Boy, Laura Klaphake’s Oldenbuger mare Catch me if you can by Catoki-Acordplus, Maurice Tebbel’s Westphalian stallion Chacco’s son by Chacco Blue-Lancer II and Philip Weishaupt’s Holsteiner stallion L.B. Convall by Colman-Cascavelle.
The new names in the German team stand out, but national coach Otto Becker is in good spirits: “We have a good team and the best riders are here! Of course it is unfamiliar, we often had the same names. I think it is exciting this year.” The goal is a medal even though three new riders are in the team – even Philip Weishaupt was reserve rider only two times., “The world will not come to an end when a mistake happens,” Becker told.
He added that the course of the championship changed with the new team members: “Previously many things were automatised. Things like the stable arrangements, little things were running smoothly. Now we have to think about m ore things. Of course the riders of the team are experienced, they all have started at championships of the young riders. And there is Marcus Ehning, new “alpha” of the team, so Otto Becker emphasised. “From the beginning Marcus took over responsibilities this season, was the first or last rider to compete. That is great and I am grateful to him.” However, Becker admits to missing Ludger Beerbaum. “I miss him! He always demanded so much of me and I always had to be present.”