Laura Klaphake

Otto Becker Commits Early

Originally German national coach Otto Becker had planned to use the last possibility to announce the nominations for his team for Tryon, but now he has already come to a decision. The team for Tryon will be the team that has competed at the Nations Cup in Aachen: Simone Blum with DSP Alice, Marcus Ehning with Pret a Tout or Comme il faut, Laura Klaphake with Catch me if you can OLD and Maurice Tebbel with Chacco’s Son or Don Diarado. Reserve rider is Hansi Dreher with Berlinda.
Philipp Weishaupt, who wants to present his horse LB Convall the Grand Prix of Calgary just before the WEG was disregarded by the show-jumping committee because they said that did not show good preparation for the WEG. which are the qualification for the next Olympic Games.