Alexander Onischenko

Onyschtschenko Apparently Applied for Naturalisation in Germany

He is wanted in the Ukraine – and in Germany, so the Deutschland Welle reports, he is looking for his future: Ukrainian Oligarch Oleksandr Onyschtschenko has applied for permanent residence in Herzlake, where he owns an exclusive riding facility. He has asked the mayor for a letter of recommendation, so the radio station knows. The mayor is said not to have hesitated long; he has a positive feeling towards a businessman who wanted to set things in motion. Apparently he even wants to accelerate the process since Oleksandr Onyschtschenko could become important for the municipality.
In the Ukraine the anti corruption agency NABU issued an arrest warrant for the show-jumper in 2016. He is accused of tax fraud amounting to more than 100 million Euro. In his home country he faces up to twelve years of jail. Oleksandr Onyschtschenko denies the allegations and says that the Ukrainian president wanted to neutralise him. Onyschtschenko, member of the Ukrainian parliament was able to leave the country while his immunity held. At that time the rider sold many of his horses but in the meantime he is competing again. In Germany a court in Koblenz is already dealing with the case. It determined that in Germany no arrest warrant was issued. Onyschtschenko is said to have promised the riding club in Herzlake his support for an international show-jumping event at highest level. According to the mayor the naturalisation procedures are well under way.