News of Damon Hill

For weeks rumours were circulating and on monday it became known that Damon Hill will not be ridden by Helen Langehanenberg any longer. The lawyer of horse owner Christan Becks had disclosed that the ideas about the terms of the co-operation were too far apart. Yesterday, however, announced details of the correspondence of Helen Langehanenberg’s lawyer stating that top amazon Langehahnenberg herself is supposed to have terminated co-operation with Christian Becks in mid september. According to, the lawyer asked the owner to pick up Damon Hill in the next few days and the reason for the whole discussion was a “princely fee” for training the horse. On this account, however, the Reiterrevue was able to learn from Langehahnenberg’s lawyer that this information was false. The rider never received money for the training and accommodation of┬áDamon Hill and the prize money the horse won over the last few years also went to the owner.