New FEI Decision in Conflict with “more flags”?

The FEI’s long-standing policy line has been to encourage the development of smaller nations. Once and again it was emphasised that it was extremely important to enable “more flags” to participate, not only at the Olympic Games. The globalisation is supposed to make its way into the equestrian sport. However, now there is a new minimum score for the next World Equestrian Games that is in conflict with this guideline. According to in order to compete at the 2018 WEG in Tyron the dressage riders need to achieve at least two times 66 percent in a CDI3* or higher. In the Normandy they only needed 64 percent. Each national federation can determine their own minimal score, but it cannot be lower than the 66 percent.

As has worked out in detail in the Normandy 24 pairs from 19 nations out of the 100 pairs participating in the Grand Prix had results of less than 66 percent. 14 out of those 24 pairs even had results of less than 64 percent. Since the deficient quality of the performances had been a big point of criticism in the Normandy the FEI’s decision is to be welcomed.